Move your nomination process online

DirectNominations makes it easy for nominees and associations to manage the process.

Easy Control for Administrators

Every organization’s nomination process is different, and the importance of properly vetting candidates can make it complicated. Election administrators can log in from anywhere they have Internet access to check and review a candidate’s submission. A step-by-step progress tracker shows what stage of the application each nominee has completed of your online nomination process.

Easy Use for Nominees

For nominees, registration is all online and completed on their schedules via a secure self-service platform. This will reduce your efforts to get candidates to run for open positions. The easier the process is, the less likely you will lose potential candidates along the way.



*Free DirectNominations value is $2,650 and includes setup fee, 30-day nomination window with up to 10 offices and 10 questions per office. Subject to additional fees if winning organization’s nomination project falls outside these parameters. Contract must be signed during 2018 and include free DirectNominations details within agreement prior to signing. Offer expires 12/31/2018.


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