Save Money When Running Multiple Elections

Your member organization’s elections – particularly director elections — are generally planned well in advance. But when it comes to governance planning, are you factoring in the potential for cost savings as well?

Adding an online voting option saves money on printing, postage and staff time. Additionally, nearly every member organization sees a significant uptick in voter engagement when members are given the option to cast their ballot online.

myDirectVote® is the leading self-administered online voting platform for elections up to 5,000 voters. Secure, easy-to-manage and with accurate results every time, myDirectVote also offers tiered pricing so you can choose the plan that best aligns with your organization’s unique needs.

Voters simply click, securely cast their ballot and submit. Administrators are provided with official results. It’s that easy.

And starting at just $699, you can do your own cost comparison and see the savings can be substantial – especially when you factor in the increase in voter participation.

Cost savings: Look ahead at your organization’s governance calendar, do you see any of the following?

  • Annual director election
  • Bylaw amendments
  • Changes to articles of incorporation
  • Mergers
  • Contract votes
  • Capital investments

If so, purchasing a myDirectVote multiple election plan can save up to 15 percent.

What are people saying about myDirectVote?

“I have been pleased with the switch over to the online voting system. My number one goal for the election is ensuring a smooth process for my members and myDirectVote delivered,” said Kim Delaney, director of business operations and finance, Edina Country Club. “Member participation was just as good, if not better, than in the past and the election ran smoothly. Members enjoyed the process and the overall experience exceeded my expectations.”

Increased participation, a smoother, easier election process AND significant cost savings? What are you waiting for? Get up to 15 percent off TODAY with a myDirectVote multiple election package.

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