COVID-19 Anniversary Check-In and Resources

It’s been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and what a wild year it has been. We’ve seen incredible strides of change and transition in our society, especially regarding the use of technology and how it plays into our day-to-day lives.

It’s been the same with voting–many organizations who struggled to find a way to successfully transition to a remote election are now finding it increasingly more convenient and easy to do. Their members are happier with the ease of online voting, and many organizations have saved money during a crucial time of closures and budget cuts.

When the pandemic began, we sought ways to help our clients stay connected with their members, and a year later we are still seeking ways to continue these connections by providing ways for organizations to engage their members from a distance be it by mail, online or virtually.. 

At SBS, we saw mail-in voting numbers nearly double compared to 2019. This is because more people were home, life as a whole slowed down, and members were more actively engaged in the organizations they belonged to.

It’s important to retain this engagement, even as people begin to resume their lives. Offering an online and mobile voting option gives members the ability to vote on their own schedule, rather than having to carve out a time to attend a meeting, or drop off their ballot at the post office.


We have compiled a list of our best resources to continue to help member organizations engage their members, even from a distance. Who knows–you may even come to find that it works out in your favor!

If you’re looking for real time, remote voting, try:



DirectVoteLive is the exact right service at the exact right time: software that enables voting groups to securely conduct their business regardless of whether people are physically in the same place or connecting virtually.

We launched DirectVoteLive just as the pandemic began, and it has only grown since then. The need for a secure, remote voting option that can be used alongside virtual meetings won’t be going away anytime soon.

By enabling participation for people whose physical presence isn’t mandatory, DirectVoteLive reduces travel and related expenses. It also saves all the time and energy associated with transit to/from meetings. All of the resources saved can be deployed elsewhere to produce more value for the organization and their members/stakeholders.

Having a virtual or hybrid meeting is what orgs can and should expect going forward. DirectVoteLive works as a great option for in-person, virtual or hybrid meetings. 


If a DIY online solution is more your speed, check out:



Whereas DirectVoteLive is meant for real-time meetings, a myDirectVote ballot can be 

kept open for days or weeks so that voters can pick and choose when works best for 

them. By adding myDirectVote to your organization’s election, your members can log on from any computer or mobile device to vote anywhere, at any time. Members will appreciate and utilize this convenient option as it makes your voting process more efficient and effective.

Whether your organization is a club, association, co-op, credit union, or student government, myDirectVote is the digital voting app you can count on for elections with up to 5,000 voters.

The software is highly secure and easy to manage, while also offering unmatched customer service and tiered pricing to align with your budget. myDirectVote enables a completely transparent election. This eliminates any questions of interference or manipulation, and is an easy way to let your members know the results are unbiased and accurate.


If you need a way for candidates apply online any time, look at: 



Whether you have five or 500 nominees, nomination processes should be as efficient as possible so your organization can hold its election. However, too often administrators have to manually collect and sort through nominee applications, which leads to costly delays. DirectNominations is an online election nominations service that supports easy nominee self-registration and comprehensive control for your administrators.

DirectNominations allows candidates to 

  • Apply online anywhere, any time without having to visit your offices in person.
  •  Officially collect signatures safely and digitally, without having to get supporters to sign physically. 
  •  Enjoy convenient, standard, and easily trackable documents. 


Additionally, check out some of our popular online voting resources:


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 Have questions or want more information? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you!