Effective Franchise Collaboration & Information Sharing

What you need to know

  • Fast and efficient communication is the backbone of a successful franchise network.
  • Being able to fully rely on your tech stack allows for your organization to focus on your day-to-day work, without having to worry about your digital infrastructure.
  • DirectVoteLive is the perfect solution for quick and seamless decision making across your franchisee network.

The very best way to get franchisees to collaborate and share official information

Managing your franchisee network is an immense task. Every franchisor has their preferred tech stack to help manage franchisees at scale, but what is often left out is the ability to securely and officially communicate and collaborate. In today’s day and age, efficient and clear communication can set an organization apart from its competition, and SBS is here to help you gain that edge.

A strong relationship between franchisors and franchisees is vital to the success of any franchise network. Many businesses cobble together a collection of resources such as email, meetings (in person and virtual), conferences, free survey tools and more to relay important information and gather feedback from franchisees.

Not only does that process lack security, it’s cumbersome and the margin for error is wide.

You may be asking yourself, “What does a company who administers and supports elections for member organizations have to offer franchisors and franchisees?” The answer: DirectVoteLive. DirectVoteLive is the most secure, official, and easiest collaboration tool in the modern franchise tech stack.

In a recent QSR article, it’s outlined that not only is the functionality of the technology being used incredibly important, but so is who is providing those solutions. SBS has been an industry leader in the organizational elections and voting processes space for over thirty years. We pride ourselves on our unmatched security, support staff, and our platforms.

How does it work?

You host a meeting of any size. The meeting can be virtual, in-person or a hybrid of both, DirectVoteLive works with any When you need to poll your attendees, have them share their preferences or feedback or acknowledge receipt of information, they can within the DirectVoteLive environment in real-time.

  • Meeting participants can participate from anywhere on any device
  • Meeting rooms can only be accessed using secure credentials
  • Quickly take roll call and open any items on your agenda that require action
  • Setup is simple for administrators, all information can be accessed via the custom dashboard
  • Voting can be completely anonymous or public based on your organizations unique needs.
  • Easily and securely share documents
  • Enjoy the benefits of real time reporting

Best of all, DirectVoteLive is supported by top-of-the-line in-house security protocols that are SOC-2 compliant so you know your meetings are safe, your results are accurate and your data is secure.

Never again do you need to worry about someone saying they didn’t receive your important email, that their manuals were lost in the mail, or that they missed a vital piece of information. You can turn your meetings into information hubs requiring official acknowledgement of receipt and understanding. Better yet, a meeting that was formerly a dry presentation can be a dynamic discussion with opportunities for everyone to provide feedback in real time. The actionable intelligence gained from surveying and polling your franchisees is some of the most valuable data your organization will ever receive.

Ready to turn your franchisee meetings into powerful hubs of collaboration and information sharing? Have questions about how DirectVoteLive could work for you? Start your free trial today!