Expert Election Guidance from Survey & Ballot Systems

New CompassAt SBS we have run successful elections for over 25 years. During this time we have learned that it is important to do more than simply administer voting. Our guidance helps you to not only execute a flawless process, but achieve your election goals as well.

When you partner with SBS, you are expertly guided through a consultation process that addresses all phases of your election:

Determining election methods.
The perfect combination of election methods are carefully selected based on demographics, organization type, election bylaws and members’ familiarity with the election process. Whether it is paper ballots, online voting, phone voting, on-site elections or hybrid voting systems, all voting channels are considered to maximize participation and convenience.

Analyzing existing member data.
Previous election data is studied to develop the best election plan possible. This information is closely examined to determine the best timing, support, promotional tactics and engagement strategies. In-depth analysis of voter demographics and past election data can provide vital insight into your membership; we help you mine this valuable information.

Meeting (and exceeding) participation goals.
Our account managers work closely with you to build integrated awareness plans that promote member participation. Building a flawless voting process is great – eclipsing previous election response rates is fantastic. Whether it is through email communications, postcard reminders, phone messages,  social media or printed messaging included with membership information, we help you create comprehensive communication plans that encourage participation.

Ensuring security.
Member votes and personal data are of the utmost importance and must be protected at every step of the election process. If a breach in security should happen at any stage, members’ trust in the process (and organization) could be in jeopardy. We ensure that all data and election information is protected through secure encryption, firewalls, hard passcode policies, active monitoring processes and limited access by credentialed experts. All balloting information follows a strict chain of custody to ensure safekeeping and peace of mind.

Reporting and analysis.
Election efforts shouldn’t end with the final tabulation of votes and declaration of winners. We work so you can take a close look at the members who voted, when they voted, their geographic location and their type of membership. Obtaining this type of information can go a long way in determining strategies for successful future elections.

With our expert election guidance, better elections are possible. With a consultation process that addresses all aspects of the election process, we will ensure your member election is streamlined and successful. For more information on the benefits of conducting the highest quality election available, with certified and guaranteed results, feel free to contact us.