#YourElection – Increase Participation with Social Media

There’s no denying how popular and important social media has become in our everyday lives. What began as a way for teens and young adults to interact has evolved into a necessary platform of communication for people of all ages.

According to the Pew Research Center, over 73% of American adults are using YouTube and 68% are using Facebook, a large percentage are also active on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn and more.

But before you start trumpeting the news of your upcoming election on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, it’s imperative to have a strategy.

  1. Why promote your election on social media?
  • Go to your members. Many of your members are already using social media sites and you should be engaging with them in that space.
  • Give information, get feedback. Remember that social media is a two way street. The goal is to engage your members — give them an opportunity to ask questions before, during and after elections and share news about your organization. Ask questions and utilize the information you get in return. Social media feedback is a great way to improve future elections.
  • Build trust. Show your members that your organization understands them and can reach them in convenient ways. Each social channel is an opportunity to share information about your programs and services, but also about your organization, elections and the people that make the magic happen.
  1. How do you promote your elections and keep members engaged?
  • Create community. Regardless of your industry, your organization and its members form a community. Extend the feeling of that community into social media by making connections, sharing resources and answering questions. Remember, social media is a conversation, not just one person shouting over everyone else.
  • Create compelling content. Photos of your staff volunteering in the community, infographics documenting the promising research statistics of your scientific association, or tips from your electric cooperative about how members can conserve energy are all examples of useful, shareable content.
  • Choose carefully. You don’t necessarily need to be on all social networks. Find out where your members are and concentrate on those social spaces. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have the highest social media audience numbers. If you’ve got lots of creative visual content to share, Instagram is a good bet.

To learn more about how to increase participation with social media, new technology and creative tactics download our Social Media & Your Election eBook. It’s filled with great tips and tricks to help you promote your election on various social media platforms.

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