Protect Your Election from Member Complaints

When running an election for your organization, you want to be receiving ballots, not complaints. Complaints are typically a sign of things that need fixing, and typically the fewer you receive, the more positively your organization is viewed among its members. How can you minimize complaints? An election expert can provide you with the tools to run a voting event smoothly for all involved parties.

Third party Expertise and Support

The ability to point to a third-party that handles your election can go a long way in reducing member complaints. First, your election is out of the hands of staff so there can be no questions of tampering or anything along those lines. Second, any support requests that come in during the election period are handled by the election vendor, not your staff – which naturally reduces the questions or complaints coming in.


Voters appreciate when you think about their needs. This is especially true when it comes to ease of casting a ballot. If you value your members’ time, you’ll make it easy for them to vote. This often means adding voting methods – mailed ballots can be great if the only way to vote is currently onsite at an annual meeting, while online voting can be the perfect solution for an on-the-go membership.


Voters want to trust that their voice is heard and that their data is protected. The integrity of an election is of the utmost importance and members take this seriously. Partnering with an expert in the field can really help ease any concerns from your membership about how the election is run and how their data is protected.