The Must-Have 8 Week Countdown to Your Election

Calendar TackNewsletter articles, social media posts, mailers, reminders – does that sound like how you notify your organization’s members of a special event or promotion? It’s crucial you have a communication and promotions plan for your election as well.

If the following plan seems like a lot of reminders about your election, consider this: The percentage of members that vote rises with each reminder they receive. If you can share a variety of election reminders with your members, they’ll be more likely to participate in the election.

Here’s our recommended communications and promotions schedule starting at eight weeks out from your election:

8 weeks before voting opens
Feature an article in your organization’s newsletter that announces the election and gives the critical details including dates, number of candidates, positions/offices, etc. Publish candidate bios as well, if it hasn’t already been done.

7 weeks before voting opens
Create an elections page for your organization’s website that includes vital election information and candidate bios.

6 weeks before voting opens
Use your organization’s social media channels to detail why it’s important for members to vote and solicit member feedback on past elections.

5 weeks before voting opens
Send a physical mailing to all members reminding them of the approaching election dates. Be sure to note any changes or updates to the voting process.

4 weeks before voting opens
Send an email reminder to your members providing them with information on how and when to vote. Encourage members to vote and offer compelling reasons as to why it’s important. Include an incentive, if necessary and appropriate. If you are outsourcing your election, provide relevant information on your election vendor.

3 weeks before voting opens
Post to your organization’s blog and/or website with a prominent reminder of upcoming election dates and any changes to the voting process.

2 weeks before voting opens
Make a social media announcement sharing where and when your members can vote. If on-site voting is available, include a map that shows where members can go to cast their ballots.

1 week before voting opens
Send members the final, vital email update with instructions on how and when to vote as well as a note sharing when members can expect to see official voting materials. If online voting is an option, let members know where to find the link or when to expect the official email. Be sure to include information on how long the voting window will remain open.

You know your organization and you know your members. Use your judgment to find the balance between overloading them with information and providing enough details to keep them interested and engaged. This is a great opportunity to turn members into invested voters.

For more information on election promotion and communications, contact us. We’re here to help.

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