The SBS 2020 Year in Review: A Crash Course in the Art of Digital Engagement

The SBS 2020 Year in Review: A Crash Course in the Art of Digital Engagement

The year 2020 started pretty much like any other year. Member organizations across the country prepared for annual general meetings, board and committee meetings, and important elections. Then…BAM – a global pandemic and accompanying public health emergencies changed everything.

Suddenly, in-person meetings and elections were not safe, and plans had to be altered. Member organizations accustomed to following very specific protocol and observing the same election traditions for decades quickly had to adjust, be flexible, and learn a new way of doing business.

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) immediately began receiving calls about how member organizations could pivot to virtual meetings and add online voting options to their elections. We shared the same starting advice to all organizations needing to quickly go from onsite to online voting:

  • Check your bylaws
  • Work with a skilled, knowledgeable, third-party elections partner
  • Prepare to frequently communicate changes and updates to members in as many ways as possible.

We also were troubled by the number of organizations suddenly relying on free polling software to conduct votes during virtual meetings. This insecure, unofficial virtual environments are a stark contrast to DirectVoteLive – our innovative software that allows member organizations to securely cast official, real-time votes during virtual meetings on any meeting platform.

We helped member organizations figured out how to streamline the nominations process so potential candidates can safely, securely collect official signatures without having to go door to door. DirectNominations also makes the nominations process easier and more efficient for organizations.

With the increase in digital meetings and online voting options, we also shared advice on protecting your member election from challenged results. Member organizations can avoid the nightmare scenario of challenged election results with meticulously kept data, good communication, and more.

Finally, we created a “cheat sheet”  for member organizations to plan and budget for 2021 elections and member engagement in the spirit of expect the unexpected.

As we head into 2021, we know that many of the moves from in-person to digital, virtual engagement are here to stay. SBS remains committed to providing secure, innovative online services so member organizations can continue nominations, petitions, elections, and real-time voting.

Whether you’re planning on implementing new virtual options in 2021 or are refining your changes from this year, we’re here for you. Contact us any time with questions or for guidance. We’re here to help.