How to Turn Your Members into Leaders

Many member organizations across the country face the dilemma of board leadership with tenures that can’t last forever.

Nearly everyone recognizes how important it is to have a succession plan, but too many organizations don’t actually have those plans, according to a recent study by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants.

Have you identified the next generation of leaders in your organization?

Currently, the majority of member organization leaders tend to be part of the Baby Boomer generation. With many of them looking towards retirement, organizations need to look to Generation X and Millennials as the future of leaders.

Both demographics are well versed in rapidly changing technology and tend to embrace flexibility and innovation in membership strategy and operations. Gen X and Millennial leaders can help shake an organization out of the, “We’ve always done it this way,” mindset. By having a big-picture focus on incorporating best practices these future leaders can strategically evolve for the future.

Who are your succession candidates?

Current members and volunteers are some of the biggest assets a member organization has in identifying future leaders.

Each executive position will, of course, come with its own set of experience requirements, but there are also general qualities that can help you identify candidates.

* Curiosity and a willingness to learn
* Ambition demonstrated through an eagerness to work with others
* Strong decision-making skills
* Adaptable
* Reliability and resilience
* Ability to take constructive criticism
* Engaging personality

You’ve got candidates in mind, now what?

To become a part of your organization’s leadership team, you need to nominate your candidates and they need to run. The easier you can make this process, the more likely people are to participate.

Utilizing DirectNominations® easily supports nominee self-registration and much more.

Need more information on succession planning and ideas on how to recruit nominees? Contact Survey & Ballot Systems, we’re here to help.