Using Geo-Spatial Mapping to Improve Your Election

How often have you started reading a report only to end up skimming most of the entire wordy document? While reporting contains valuable information, it can often be wordy and confusing at first glance. Wouldn’t it be better if it we could show the data and what it means to your organization, especially when it comes to your election?

Now we can.

With DirectVote® Geo-Spatial Mapping we can transform your member election data into attractive, interactive graphics so you have an instant understanding of voting trends.

The digital maps reveal key information, focus on targeted regions of activity and help you make informed decisions by being able to quickly filter data.

Why is this important to your organization?

  • A large percentage of people respond better to visual data, studies have shown. With Geo-Spatial Mapping, you can visually analyze data by generating shareable territory, radius, pin, or bubble maps.
  • Show, don’t tell. Geo-Spatial Mapping can help everyone in your organization quickly gain an understanding of member details, voting and activity.
  • Increase participation by easily spotting opportunities. The high-level view provided by Geo-Spatial Mapping helps your organization potential areas for additional response.
  • Create “heat maps” to identify trends and areas of member/voting strength and weakness.
  • Map multiple layers of data that you can quickly segment and filter for in-depth understanding and analysis.
  • Get micro – you can even see your data at a state, county, zip code, street or coordinate level.
  • Enhance and optimize reporting with maps and graphics to add visual elements to reports and executive summaries.

Geo-Spatial Mapping is another way SBS provides more understanding and insight into your election results.

If your organization is ready to take it to the next level and plot voting data to form actionable insights into voting activity, it’s time to contact us  about DirectVote Geo-Spatial Mapping. We’re always available to answer questions and can’t wait to show you our new capabilities.