Why Free Polling Software is a Danger to Remote Meetings

With all the rapid changes in our world today, voting within remote meetings has become essential to the way organizations are serving their board members and staff. With the growing need to meet remotely, many organizations are trying to use free polling tools to manage official voting. However, what these options lack in cost, they tend to make up for with poor usability and an inability to ensure the “one member, one vote” principle. The saying of “you get what you pay for” rings exceptionally true in this situation.

At Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) we don’t compromise on bringing you the features needed to host a remote meeting vote. With DirectVoteLive®, organizations can conduct secure, official votes in real-time during any virtual meeting or teleconference.

What Makes DirectVoteLive Special?

Built for Real-Time Voting

While other applications only allow you to utilize preset questions that can’t be changed or modified, DirectVoteLive is built for real-time meeting voting. Not only can administrators build customized preset motions before the meeting, it’s also easy to quickly add new ones as they arise during the meeting.

Credentialed Access

When it’s time for participants to join the meeting, some applications take shortcuts by creating a public and open link that anyone can access. With DirectVoteLive, meeting rooms can only be accessed by participants and hosts using personalized login credentials sent via email.

Live Roll Call

After participants enter the site, meeting hosts can verify attendance in real-time from the meeting dashboard. This can help you ensure a quorum is reached and that members are in the meeting and ready to vote.

Industry-Leading Security

  • Encryption: Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. SBS utilizes industry-leading Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to secure DirectVoteLive data.
  • Compliance: Your data is compliant. SBS is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, ensuring adherence to industry security standards at every step.
  • Hosting: Top-level cloud reliability and security. Partnering with Flexential, SBS offers world-class protection, full disaster recovery and data co-location in redundant data centers.

Are you ready to change the way your organizations hold virtual meeting voting? Start your free 30-day trial of DirectVoteLive today!