NISC and SBS Integrate for New Engagement Opportunities

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Are you a member of National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)? If so, you now have an edge in getting your members to vote in your annual election.

NISC has teamed up with Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) to allow online voting through SmartHub® web accounts. The result? Your members are able to vote online quickly and easily and your cooperative gets the cost savings that come with going digital!

Why Now?

SmartHub® gives your members the ability to manage payments, notify customer service of any issues, check usage and receive special messages. Utilizing it for voting is the natural next step of your member engagement application, not to mention it’s the preference for the next generation of your cooperative members.

Here’s How Voting Works

Step one: Members login securely to their SmartHub® web account using their username and password.

Step two: Members click the “Vote Now” button which gives them access to their personalized ballot, secured and kept confidential by SBS’ DirectVote® system. Step three: Members vote.

SBS Handles the Rest

SBS manages the voting process, allowing members to access their ballot via SmartHub®, mail-in ballots, telephone or in-person voting at the annual meeting. That process ensures that each member only submits one vote, creating security and transparency for your election. The final deliverable: certified results and grateful members.

To learn more about how your cooperative voting can be administered by SBS, visit us at or call our toll-free number 1-800-974-8099.