Does your election meet your credit union’s security standards?

Not many organizations take their security more seriously than credit unions. When holding onto vital financial information of members, the need to keep things protected is always a priority. This is especially true today with large security breaches affecting the data of over 140 million Americans last year. So, with these concerns ever-present, how can you ensure your credit union’s election process is living up to the security standards you need?

Your members are trusting you with their very important and sensitive data, so don’t take any shortcuts. If you are handling any aspect of your election online, be sure that you are working with experts in that field. If your credit union only uses paper voting methods, there are steps you should be taking as well: check-ins, daily counts, locked vaults for storing documents and ballots, and limited access by credentialed staff only.

There are some pieces of data that you simply don’t need in order to tabulate a credit union member’s vote. Keep any social security numbers or sensitive financial data as far away from your election as possible! Any third-party vendors you speak with regarding your election should agree: only involve the data that you need in order to minimize risk with your election.

One final thing that can bring you peace of mind is meticulous documentation. When working with third party election partners, you should be assured there are checks and balances guaranteeing the integrity and accuracy of all final and certified results. Look for well-documented procedures and accountability policies that ensure accurate results and defensibility. This type of documentation is something you can trust if a vendor is SOC 2® compliant. SOC 2 is a technical audit that ensures strict policies and procedures for security, integrity and confidentiality of all voting data. This level of compliance is something you should look for with any vendor, but especially one handling your member and voter data. It tells you that all voting information is in good hands and kept secure and confidential, with the added convenience of a third-party election.