Engaging Younger Credit Union Members

Engaging your credit union’s younger members can seem like sailing in uncharted waters, but the reward for engaging this generation can last for decades to come.

There are many younger members who are quickly coming of age to where they collectively have extreme buying power. In fact, they are the largest generation segment in the United States. But, what is the most efficient way to engage with your younger members?

How to Communicate with Them

When it comes to communicating with your younger members, it’s all digital, all the time. Make sure your online content is optimized for mobile usage because younger members are never without their smartphones.

A strong online presence with a variety of social media platforms especially Instagram, Twitter and YouTube will help your organization reach and engage more of your millennial members.

In fact, nearly 60% of millennials will follow an organization on social media before getting involved. Maintaining a robust social media presence is also important as it’s a great way to help to recruit new members.

How to Get Younger Members to Vote in Your Election

When it comes to getting younger members to cast their ballots, you need to clearly communicate exactly what you want them to do and give them an immediate way to take action.

A convenient way to participate in a democratic process that directly affects them can sometimes be motivation enough to vote, while supporting their need for fairness and justice. If obligation to your mission isn’t reason enough, you could incentivize their actions with a charitable donation to encourage them to cast a ballot or share information about an upcoming election.

Bring the latest technology to your elections by offering options like embedded login links and custom QR codes that take them directly to their secure ballots.

If you’re interested in learning about new ways to engage your credit union’s younger members, feel free to contact us, we’re here to help.