Get Your Board “On Board” with Changing Your Election

When the dust settles after your election, you realize the status quo just isn’t cutting it any longer. It’s time to change your election process. But how do you convince the board of directors that a change is in their best interest?

Arm yourself
You know your election process needs a change, but you need to arm yourself with the facts. A conversation with SBS can help you get clear about the challenges in your current process and provide a roadmap for better elections.

Make your pitch and start with the facts
When pitching to your board of directors, embrace any nervous energy you have and channel it into an engaging presentation to get them invested in your cause – changing your election process. Start with a factual attention grabber like, “Did you know that we’re spending more money and staff time every year on our elections and getting less member participation?”

The Association of Graduates – United States Air Force Academy was in a similar situation. SBS worked with the AOG-USAFA to transition their paper-based election system to an online voting system that saved money, reduced staff time and achieved a 25 percent response rate. Results like that are hard for your board to argue with.

Show, don’t just tell
Provide concrete examples of the issues with your current election process and give specifics. Wherever possible, use visuals like charts and graphs to illustrate the problem and the solution(s).

What’s in it for them?
When confronted with any change, the number one question at the front of mind is, “What does this mean for me?” Explain to your board of directors what a change in the election process means to them. Will you need them to do anything more or different than what they’re currently doing? Will it make their jobs easier? Will it make them and/or the organization look better?

A few of the benefits of a well-run, improved election include:

  • Greater member satisfaction
  • Increased participation
  • Protection from costly litigation
  • Better use of your resources
  • Increase in confidence

Find out more about how well-run elections make organizations better with our free Checklist for Successful Elections.

Build a coalition of people who agree that the election process needs an upgrade. Work with SBS to come up with a comprehensive plan. Make pitching and implementing the change a team effort and be open minded to changes and flexible with challenges.

We’re on your team, so get out there and show your board of directors that it’s time for a change (in election process) for the better!

Would you like to share how you pitched your board to change your election process? Let us know in the comments below.