How to Build Engagement With Your Members

engagement blogOne of the core functions of any member organization is to grow membership. But equally important is effectively engaging your members so the organization itself grows, evolves and remains healthy and relevant.

It’s easy enough to say, but how do you go about building engagement with your members?

Define engagement

Engagement can mean different things to different organizations. For one organization, engagement might mean members coming to conferences. For another, engagement may mean responding to the organization’s Facebook posts.

To define engagement for your own organization, look at each of the connection points you have with members – in-person events, newsletters/publications, your website, social media, etc.

Once you’ve identified connection points and communication opportunities, decide what action you’d like members to take while they’re in each space. Make sure each is designed to encourage the desired action. For example, adding a “talk to us” button to your website could make it easier for visitors to respond.

Start the conversation

If you’d like members to engage, respond and take action – ask!

Forums, online communities, surveys, social media and even elections are all opportunities to get members engaged.

In fact, elections are a great “gateway” connection point to start and continue to boost member engagement.

Create a communications plan to make it next to impossible for members not to know there’s an election. You can then use your plan to increase engagement in other areas as well.

Include a schedule with key dates, an advertising strategy, and a publicity plan that includes in-person, print and digital promotions.

One powerful message delivered through multiple channels helps members anticipate an upcoming election. The same principle can be applied to other events and actions you’d like members to take.

Member engagement is vital to the health and growth of every organization. By clearly defining what engagement means to your organization and starting conversations across channels, you can excite and engage members and even enlist them as advocates.

Need additional guidance on how to define and increase member engagement? Contact us, we’re here to help!