Your Virtual Annual Meeting is Coming Soon – Now What?

A virtual annual meeting is now becoming the norm as gatherings are understandably being rescheduled and moved online when possible. Even though the process of the meeting is changing drastically, there are still important matters that need to be resolved at an annual meeting. Some annual meetings include onsite Board of Directors elections, while others include voting to approve motions or bylaw changes.

How can all of these necessary items be handled while running a virtual annual meeting? You need to find an online voting platform that can handle your meeting voting in the most secure way possible, while also being easy to understand and use for members. Don’t resort to an unsecured polling software or casting votes via email or teleconference chat. You need to ensure all voting is handled efficiently while keeping voter data safe.

DirectVoteLive® from Survey & Ballot Systems can help your organization bridge the gap of voting in a virtual annual meeting. You can run your meeting as close to normal as possible, and easily build votes, add attendees and receive official results. Each member receives a secure login credential that is unique to them, so you can ensure that only your members are voting. You can also see a roll-call of who has logged into the DirectVoteLive voting platform, which can help you determine if you’ve reached quorum for the meeting. The final report for all votes can be downloaded and saved, providing you with a historical account of all motions or positions that were voted upon.

Want to see DirectVoteLive in action? Get your free trial started today! Your first 30 days are totally free and you can cancel at any time during the trial at no cost. For more information about moving your onsite annual meeting online, don’t hesitate to contact us.