The Value of Moving your Club Election Online

Published: February 9, 2018. Last modified: August 25, 2022.

Is your club’s current election process too expensive? When you calculate printing and postage costs, as well as the amount of time put into designing and tabulation of ballots, your expenses can start to add up.

What options do clubs have to save money administering their election? The answer is simple: online voting. In addition to the cost savings associated with online voting, your club can also see many benefits including increased voter turnout, advanced analytics and a reduction in staff time.

Easy to Manage

Often, staff members of clubs are tasked with the management and tabulation of the election and its results, taking away from their ability to manage day-to-day tasks and projects.

Online voting services should make elections simpler, not burden your team with added complexity. With cloud based hosting, you don’t have to worry about costly server maintenance, data backups or software installations. A robust .NET-based framework ensures automatic updates as well as the utmost security for your elections.

You need your online election tool to work as designed every time to deliver accurate and secure results. Dedicated account representatives should also be available to help with election administration and troubleshooting.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits of moving elections online is to your bottom line – it can save your club a significant amount of money when it comes to printing and mailing. When you calculate the hard costs of printing and mailing ballots and the “soft costs” of employee time spent on election-related activities such as tabulating and verifying results, the savings can be significant.

myDirectVote is a perfect fit

myDirectVote from Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), is an easy-to-use online voting system that caters to elections with 5,000 voters or fewer. With a variety of tiered pricing options, myDirectVote is easy to set up and customize your organization’s election, or if you’d like to have the election taken out of your hands, you can choose to have your election built by one of our customer service representatives.

To learn more about pricing and receiving a cost estimate based on your needs, request a quote or contact us at 1.800.974.8099, we’re here to help.