Finding the Right Candidates for Your Nomination Process

When beginning the outreach for candidates in your nomination process, it goes without saying that you want more than just anyone to fill the role. You want strong future board members who will actively push your organization forward.

According to The Fundraising Authority1, it is vital that board members are smart, active and well-connected.


  • You want problem-solvers on your board of directors. Individuals that can apply existing knowledge to come up with solutions are invaluable.
  • Look for potential candidates that are experienced in the field, and that have shown their abilities on other boards or in similar situations.


  • Active membership is vital because a board can’t be successful without a concerted effort from its members.
  • If a member is active in the organization before they join the board of directors, it is a safer bet that they will be engaged and motivated to attend meetings and events as a board member.


  • Well-connected candidates will help get out the vote, and they will also be able to provide value as board members with their connections.
  • This will also help you find more quality candidates down the road. A well-connected board member can be a great tool to get other members more involved and potentially running for board seats down the road.

When seeking out new board members, the key to getting interest and nominations is promotion. Promote the nomination period over all communication channels so you can reach all members where it is convenient for them. Remember, this step is not just a formality – if you don’t get people aware of and interested in running for the board, you will have a hard time finding new members that are smart, active and well-connected.