A Guide to Nominations Part 2: Nominations Administration

Welcome to part 2 of our nominations blog series!

When looking into your nominations process, your largest investment of time (and sometimes headaches) is probably handling the administrative efforts. Managing these tasks by hand can be tedious and inefficient, so what can you do to simplify your nomination administration for both you and your members?

Easy Control for Administrators

Every organization’s nomination process is different, and the importance of properly vetting candidates can make it complicated. Because of this, two things you want to avoid are unnecessary manual administrative work as well as one-solution-fits-all cookie cutter platforms. Bringing the process online can alleviate your middle-man role, while providing a simple platform for nominees to submit their information through.

With a customizable platform to handle nominations, you should be able to handle multiple offices at once if needed. Keeping formatting consistent across all nomination submissions can also make a complicated process much easier, especially if you are currently taking nominations via mail, Word documents and PDFs.

Administrators should also consider ways to track where candidates are at in the nomination process. It can be very helpful to see which nominees may still have sections of the form to complete, so you can send them a friendly reminder to complete their submission.

Easy Use for Nominees

When candidates can self-register on their own time, it makes them much more likely to fully submit a nomination. This should reduce your efforts to get candidates to run for open positions. The easier the process is, the less likely you will lose potential candidates along the way.

A convenient nominations platform not only makes things easier for potential candidates, it can also make the life of an administrator much easier. Reducing the need to manually assist nominees through the process can add up to a great deal of time saved throughout the process.