A Guide to Nominations Part 4: Reporting & Tracking

Getting nominees for leadership positions can be a challenging task. This is made even more difficult if you are doing the work in the dark. The ability to track your nominees’ progress and view reports can give you valuable insight on how to maximize your nomination efforts.

Seeing who has registered and completed the forms in real time is a powerful tool for your administrators. This is really only something an online solution can handle, as any other format would be impossible to track as nominations are ongoing. As stated earlier, administrators can also use this online format to track how far along nominees are in the process, which can give you the opportunity to reach out to those with incomplete applications.

Tracking and reporting for your nominations process helps you stay in the loop regarding nominees and any additional preparations that may become necessary with the election. The convenience of seeing this data in one place makes staying in the loop even easier.

Want to learn more about how to get your whole process in one place? DirectNominations™ provides a simple solution that brings your nominations application, administration and petitions to one convenient online location. This customizable platform can adjust to your specific needs and save your staff time and headaches of manually managing nomination submissions. Interested in hearing more?