How To Continue Your Nominations Process When You Can’t Meet In Person

As we’re all suddenly thrust into a “new normal,” one with working from home, self-quarantine and in-person meetings only for essential personnel; member organizations are scrambling to keep operations on track and elections moving forward.

Good news – technology can help fill the gap!

One solution is to utilize an online election nominations application that provides easy nominee self-registration and comprehensive control for your administrators. It allows member organizations to ensure the nominations process can continue when people are unable to pick up or utilize physical applications, and when committees can’t meet to review in person.

In addition to the ease and convenience the software brings to your nominees and staff, promoting your nomination period has never been easier. Whether it’s through email, social media, or your website; adopting an online nomination process shows that your organization modernizing governance by utilizing digital applications. Plus, it may even help encourage additional members to consider running for open positions!

How does it work?

Our online nominations tool moves your nominations process online, making it easy for both administrators and nominees to manage the process – without the need for paper forms or physical contact. Administrators can log in from anywhere to review submissions and nominees can register and securely complete forms online, anywhere, any time.

Administrators can track candidate progress online and send anyone with missing info reminder emails to complete their application. Completed applications can be easily shared and reviewed with committee members electronically.

The online platform is flexible and can be customized to your organization’s unique needs. Not to mention, it comes with best-in-class support from Survey & Ballot Systems so we have your back from setup through data collection and analysis.

The tool also offers the ability for organizations to utilize online petitions to allow members to directly and digitally interact safely and securely, from wherever they’re located.

The time to move your member petitions and nominations process online is now! Our election experts are here for you every step of the way to help you evolve efficiently and keep you moving forward.

Try out candidate nominations software  and see how it can work for your member organization, schedule free demo today.