Modernizing the Election Process to Attract New Candidates

Something that most organizations look to accomplish with their elections is modernization. This brings current-day convenience and security to a process that is central to how member organizations are run.

Candidates need to be running

This seems obvious, but in order for elections to run the way they are supposed to, you need candidates running for the open positions. Many parts of the election are reliant on members who want to vote, and there is no better way to accomplish that than by convincing strong, qualified candidates to run. Uncontested elections see a large dip in voter participation, as members can feel that their vote doesn’t matter in these instances.

Simplify the Process

New candidates will choose to run for open positions if the process to enter is easy. Each hoop you make a candidate jump through just decreases the likelihood of receiving their nomination application. How can you ease things for candidates? The most effective way is to have one efficient nominations platform online. This allows candidates to fill out and submit info anywhere at any time, and know their information is saved and secure.

With a service like DirectNominations, the process to submit nominations is significantly less intimidating and more appealing. Getting new candidates has never been easier with the technology that is now available – make sure your organization is using it to its full advantage! Want to learn more about DirectNominations? Contact us today.