Petition Collections in 2019

A core function of member organizations is the election process, where the members can run for positions and guide the direction of the organization itself. This hasn’t changed throughout the years, although the technology available has simplified things greatly for many organizations.

One aspect of the election that is common in gathering nominations is the collection of petition signatures for potential candidates. Petitions have been collected for things for centuries, but now new challenges exist for organizations as they spread geographically. With new technology available, like Survey & Ballot Systems’ DirectNominations®, these challenges of collecting signatures across a national organization are no more.

In addition to handling the nominations process through online submissions, you should also seek to bring your petitions into the 21st century. This means allowing petitions to be sent and signed electronically, and even via mobile device. By bringing features like this to the forefront, you are sure to see more satisfied members and highly qualified candidates in future elections.

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