Achieve the Highest Voter Satisfaction Rating

You’ve recruited qualified candidates, you’ve successfully promoted your election and the polls are open. But how do you make sure your voters are happy so they not only vote in future elections, but spread the word and become champions for your association as well?

Choices, choices, choices

In today’s world, it feels like your organization needs to be everywhere. When it comes to offering election options, it really does help to be everywhere. Your members are making an effort to vote so you’ll need to make an even bigger effort to get them there.

Traditional paper ballots, phone voting, online, mobile and hybrid options give members voting options that best fit their needs and their schedules. The more opportunities you provide for members to vote, the more satisfied they’ll be with their experience.

Easy and unforgettable

Forgotten emails, lost passwords, good intentions that don’t lead to action – there are so many barriers to getting members to vote it can seem impossible. But there are easy solutions that make it simple for your members to immediately overcome those barriers and cast their ballots.

Embedding login links right into emails allows members to simply click once and vote. Single sign-on technology eliminates the hassle of forgotten passwords. Email reminders job memories and inspire action and social media promotion by your organization makes it a cinch to spread the word to others.


Your members count on you to prove their election process is safe, effective and that the results have never been tampered with. Working with a third-party election partner can guarantee 100 % transparency for your organization and your members.


Want to know if your voters are satisfied with your process? Ask! A basic post-election voter survey gives members the opportunity to share feedback on how they feel the election went. All input – both positive and negative – can be vital in planning future elections to increase satisfaction.

SBS is committed to safe, fair and transparent elections and dedicated to increasing voter satisfaction every step of the way.

Ready to increase your voter satisfaction rates? Contact SBS today, we’ve got years of experience, lots of options and we’re here to help.