Election Technology: Not Just for Voting Anymore

Over the past few years, associations across the country have benefited immensely from state-of-the-art online voting technology. Cost effective, convenient, accessible, secure and engaging – thousands of associations have realized the advantages online voting can bring to their members.

Online voting isn’t the only technology that can benefit your association’s election!
Reminders that inspire action

Low voter turnout hurts your association and data shows that election reminders increase voter turnout. In fact, each round of reminders increases voter turnout by an average of approximately 5%.

Innovative participation and email reminders can be customized to send during the days/times individuals are proven to respond ensuring that voters pay attention to important election information

One click to rule them all

Embedded login links sound complicated, but they simply provide one click access for easy voting. Association members can skip complicated login processes and be automatically and securely authenticated so they can cast their ballots quickly and easily.

Not only do embedded login links reduce the number of frustrated “forgotten user name/lost password” inquiries, they increase election participation by making voting much more convenient.

Sharing among friends

The vast majority of the population is active on social media, with the numbers growing each year. Not only can associations use social media sharing opportunities to encourage increased voter participation, the data generated can provide unique insights into voter demographics.

Quick scan, quick response

Approximately 95% of Americans own a mobile phone, according to the Pew Research Center. Allowing your tech-savvy association members to simply snap a photo of a Quick Response (QR) code makes it almost effortless to securely access ballots and cast a vote.

When you make voting quick and convenient for members, more members are going to vote in your association’s election. Many associations utilize traditional paper ballots and choose to add convenient tech options to increase voter turnout and appeal to younger members.

Allowing members to vote any time, anywhere benefits your association’s bottom line and engages members with one simple principle: We make it easy for you to be part of this democratic process.

Looking for more information on the technology options available for your next association election? Contact us any time, we’re here to help!