Getting the Most out of Election Emails

Online voting should be easy. From clubs and cooperatives to educational institutions and credit unions, the best way to ensure full participation and avoid time-consuming member inquiries is using an online voting app that prioritizes usability.

Organizations can utilize everything from emails and postcards to special letters intended to maximize turnout in organizational elections and include embedded login links in email invitations and reminders, making the voting process that much easier.

Voting Reminders

Voter turnout, or lack thereof, is an important issue for all elections. Low voter turnout can be especially damaging for member organizations since they require full participation to operate most effectively and in line with member wishes.

Data worldwide shows that election reminders can increase voter turnout and increase voting response rates with email reminders. In fact, the greater the number of reminders, the more likely it is members will vote. Each round of participation reminders historically increases voter turnout an average of approximately 5%. Organizations hoping to maximize voter response have a clear solution.

  • Tailored reminders 

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) provides numerous options for voting user participation reminders, including email, postcards, letters, and more. By using a variety of reminder methods, organizations have a better chance of obtaining positive results.

  • Regular updates 

There’s no point sending out participation reminders if they’re not reaching their intended recipients. Organizations will receive bounce reports that alert them to any unavailable email addresses, making for more effective outreach.

  • Strategic options 

Every member organization is different, so it’s essential to work with a service that’s able to adapt to strategic outreach efforts on short notice.

Scheduling and deployment methods are also vital to maximizing voter participation, as individuals are shown to respond to messages at a higher rate during specific time periods. It’s also essential to understand which type of message should be used when.

SBS offers flexible tactics to boost voter turnout that can be updated quickly, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness every step of the way.

Embedded Login Links

Organization members should be able to cast their votes quickly. The more hoops there are to jump through, the greater the chance for error. Even worse, extra steps to vote increase individuals’ likelihood of becoming frustrated enough to opt-out entirely. For organizations hoping to demonstrate transparency and member service, that outcome is unacceptable.

By utilizing one-click email login links, members are able to bypass a complicated login process and take advantage of automatic authentication. This makes it possible for people to cast their votes with online voting one-click access.

  • Reduces member inquiries

Complex login procedures may lead to forgotten usernames and passwords, trouble understanding next steps and, ultimately, a barrage of help desk requests. These time-consuming tasks take organizational service members away from other important duties and increase frustration on all sides. With online voting embedded login links, organizations can rest easy knowing members will be able to vote without difficulty.

  • Increases voter participation

Every organization holding an election should strive for high voter turnout to support ballot measures, whether it’s electing board members or approving bylaw amendments. By making voting more accessible with embedded login links, you can encourage higher voter participation. Members who know they all received an equal chance to make their voices heard will be more satisfied with election results.

Need a little help planning your next election? Have questions about implementing online or hybrid voting options for your next election? Contact us, we’re here to help!