Increase Communication for Maximum Election Participation

Just like any other organizational event, elections must be promoted. Letters and phone calls are nice, but those alone are not enough to maximize participation in your election.

Organizations tell us that the number one challenge they face is member participation, particularly when it comes to getting people to vote in elections.

So what are some of the most effective tactics to get the word out and promote your election?

  • A sample ballot included in publications or on a website makes it easy for voters to know what to expect come election time.
  • Take out an “ad” in the organization’s publication rallying members to vote.
  • Website banners, splash pages (web pages that pop up to get a visitor’s attention with new information) and even physical bands that encircle a hard copy publication are all prime opportunities for election promotion and education.
  • Enlist someone in a top leadership role to write an article. This can go a long way in explaining the importance of the election to the organization as well as what’s in it for members.

From a simple ad to a complete voter’s guide – every communication can make a big difference in informing members and motivating them to vote. The more opportunities voters have to get to know the candidates and issues, the more connected they’ll feel.

And that can get them to cast their ballot.

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