Increased Election Participation from Survey & Ballot Systems

Survey & Ballot Systems helps your organization increase election participation. How?

From expert pre-election preparation and an array of easy voting options to advanced post-election analysis, we optimize every step of your organization’s election for increased participation.

Some of the ways we enhance response include:

Determining election methods – SBS carefully selects the right combination of election methods for your organization based on type, demographics, unique bylaws and member familiarity with the election process. Whether it’s paper ballots, online voting, phone voting, on-site elections or a hybrid model, we consider all voting channels to maximize participation and convenience.

Participation reminders – SBS executes a variety of well-timed election reminders that are skillfully planned, deployed, tracked and reported. Based on the unique needs of your organization, we custom fit a promotion and communication plan designed to get your members voting.

Embedded login links – Embedded login links in your email invitations and reminders allow your members to bypass the login process with secure, automatic authentication. No forgotten login information, no more frustrating multiple steps.

Single signon – Single sign-on technology authenticates eligible voters right from your website. It increases convenience, reduces member frustration and turns your organization’s website into an online election portal that drives traffic.

Quick response codes (QR codes) – SBS encourages election participation any time, from anywhere. Simply scanning a QR code with a mobile device allows members to securely access their online ballot from their mobile device.

Advanced analytics – The advanced analytics produced by SBS provides extensive details your organization needs to make intelligent, data-driven decisions for future elections. We help you gather in-depth data to discover important member metrics.

SBS makes voting quick, clear and easy and we’ve got 25 years of proven experience increasing election engagement numbers for member organizations.

Contact SBS today to find out how we can help your organization increase election participation.