Using Technology to Increase Election Efficiency

While many organizations still effectively use paper ballots, the trend is moving towards online and mobile participation methods. Why? Because advances in voting technology are making elections more convenient and efficient. And because voters are requesting an upgrade.

Adding online voting as an election option is a great first step, but it shouldn’t stop there. From pre-election preparation and an array of easy voting options through advanced post-election analysis, technology can enhance every step of an election for your organization and its members.

Participation reminders
Members that receive at least three election reminders are nearly twice as likely to vote as members who receive no reminders.

A variety of well-timed election reminders are a proven way to boost voter turnout. But every aspect of each communication must be skillfully planned and executed. Special letters, postcards, emails and more are flexible tactics to boost turnout, even on short notice. And technology ensures they’re expertly scheduled, deployed, tracked and reported to measure effectiveness and maximize results.

Embedded login links
Embedded login links in your email invitations and reminders allow your members to bypass the login process with automatic authentication. No more excuses, no forgotten user names/passcodes, no more multiple steps during which a voter can become frustrated or lose interest. Just one click and members can vote.

Single sign-on
“I forgot my login information” is easily the most repeated phrase in an election process. Single sign-on technology authenticates eligible voters right from your website.

Not only does it increase voting convenience and reduce member frustration, it turns your organization’s website into an online election portal and drives site traffic. That’s a lot of wins.

Quick response codes
The number of people going online from mobile devices jumps every single day, so it pays to encourage election participation any time, from anywhere.

Simply scanning a Quick Response code (QR code) with a mobile device can allow members to securely access their online ballot immediately.

Social media sharing
Peer pressure and social validation didn’t end after high school. In fact, it has great utility to boost election participation rates when you incorporate social media promotion into your online election.

When members vote, encourage them to share their participation across social networks. Not only does this increase awareness of your election, but it encourages other members to vote and keeps your election top of mind (and top of newsfeed).

Advanced analytics
Elections don’t stop after the last ballot is cast, especially when you can gain valuable insight into who engaged in your election, when they’re interacting and what gets them to take action.

Advanced analytics provide the extensive details your organization needs to make intelligent, data-driven decisions for future elections. If you’re not gathering in-depth data, you’re missing out on a valuable channel to discover important member metrics.

If your organization’s elections are stuck in the past, it’s time to embrace technology to increase voter participation and reap the rewards of comprehensive data. Contact us any time for more information on how to incorporate high tech tactics into your next election.