A Secure Election Process from Survey & Ballot Systems

Member votes and personal data must be protected at every step of the election process. If a breach in security should happen at any stage, members’ trust in the process and organization could be in danger. When you are considering an election vendor, make sure that your voting system will have both advanced security practices and technology in place.

At SBS, we pride ourselves on the fact that our comprehensive security provides you with peace of mind during your important elections. Through our physical and online safeguarding measures, we are able to ensure that your members’ identities and voting data are completely safe during the entire election process.

Since 1990, we have consistently invested in the top technology and infrastructure to keep member-organization elections and voting efforts safe. Some features that allow us to provide the most secure online voting solutions available include:

  • All applications built on .NET framework. A .NET web framework is a robust and secure platform that allows our developers to build safe, dynamic web voting pages that update automatically. We utilize .NET framework for all of our online voting applications. It helps to protect login pages, accurately capture voting data and efficiently manage election information.
  • Programmers on staff. Unlike some providers who subcontract application coding, we have in-house programmers to ensure that all online voting systems stay up-to-date with the latest security practices and are flexible to your requests. When coding is outsourced, adjustments and updates are only done periodically, which can compromise the ability to make applications completely secure.
  • A secure process for member databases. We protect member databases through secure encryption, firewalls, hard passcode policies, active monitoring processes and limited access by credentialed experts. These steps defend sensitive information from loss, intrusion or hackers and breaches of confidentiality. Our protection policies document every phase of database transfers.
  • Employing an enterprise-level data center. Hosting safe applications on the Web means the commitment to creating and maintaining a secure online environment. To achieve a safe atmosphere for web elections, we retain the services of an enterprise-level data center to perform external security review, co-locate data, recommend infrastructure engineering and assist with storage management. This partnership is another reason why we are able to provide the highest level of online security available.

Secure Physical Ballots
Election security is equally as important in the more traditional voting channels like paper ballots. Policies and procedures that we recommend and provide include: check-ins, daily counts (or delivered counts) and locked vaults for storing documents.

It is crucial that the entire flow of data is tested and proven to be accurate. Any election partner should be able to demonstrate their accuracy rates before, during and after counting is complete. We employ staff solely dedicated to measuring and improving the accuracy of our voting processes.

Comprehensive election security is necessary to provide you with an election process that can hold up under the closest scrutiny. With SBS overseeing both physical and digital elements of your election, you can be confident you are providing your members a safe and secure voting process. For more information on the benefits of third-party security and SBS election services, feel free to contact us.