myDV tiers: Everything you need to know [Video]


Every election is different, which is why Survey & Ballot Systems can help you find the right fit.

Hi, and welcome to our video blog on the different tiers for myDirectVote. Each tier includes pricing and service options based on your preferred level of involvement.

Let’s start with tier one: This tier is completely self-administered and you build the election with limited support. One of your staff will setup, test and execute the election within myDirectVote. We’ll provide an hour of developmental support, review the election site prior to voting, and provide daily reports.

Tier two is still self-administered, but with unlimited customer service. Rather than the single hour of support, we’re at your side whenever you need us.

At tier three, Survey & Ballot Systems builds the entire election within myDirectVote. You provide key information like dates, offices and candidates — then we build the site to your specifications.

Like we said, no election is the same, so you can move between tiers from election to election. Either way, Survey & Ballot Systems is here to help.