The Easy Way to Promote Your Election [Video]

How connected are members to your organization? Look no further than your election participation numbers. Organizations often tell us that one of their primary goals is ensuring member participation, particularly when it comes to getting people to vote in elections.

Running a successful election with a high response rate requires a detailed promotion plan with strategies and tactics to inspire your members to take action. This can often take months to develop, costing your organization valuable time and resources.

Here at SBS, our Marketing Services are the perfect solution for organizations that want to take the guesswork out of developing an election promotion strategy.

Elections need to be promoted using creative methods to get members to respond and participate.

We know that every organizations election process is different, so we tailor each marketing campaign to your member’s needs. Whether you’re looking to create printed reminders, or a full-scale social media promotion strategy, SBS’ marketing services will bring new energy to your voting process. Here are some ways our Marketing Services can be used to promote your next election:

  • Custom landing pages and website banners
  • Video creation
  • Social media campaign management
  • Email promotions
  • And Get-Out-The-Vote messaging and awareness campaigns

SBS has long been providing the tools and resources for highly successful elections. So, when it comes to increasing election participation, we know how to get your numbers moving in the right direction.

Ready to learn how you can creatively and effectively market your election to your members and turn them into voters? Contact us today at or 1-800-974-8099.

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