Transparency and value: Making mergers work [VIDEO]

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When separate entities join forces, it benefits everyone involved. But don’t lose sight of the people powering your organization through the merger process.

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Mergers are often associated with billion-dollar companies, but they offer unique advantages to member-driven organizations as well, from credit unions to co-ops.

The key is keeping member voters in-the-know about why a merger is beneficial.

First, make sure communication is transparent throughout the merger process. Members deserve to have the full picture about what’s happening and why.

Next, keep in mind that member approval is required, meaning it’s the organization’s job to outline why a merger is the right move.

Whether you touch on greater economy of scale, better control over operating costs or access to highly-skilled employees, it’s essential to be upfront about what members have to gain.

Finally, ensure a smooth voting process for mergers by using voting solutions that streamline elections and allow members to engage on their own terms.

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