Make Voting a Breeze in Your Next Virtual Board Meeting

Times are changing rapidly, but organizations keep pushing forward. Most organizations have committees and boards that are charged with making vital decisions on behalf of their membership, and many of them are seeking ways to make those decisions in an efficient way as many meetings are now either partially, or fully remote for attendees. 

People often think of voting as something that only happens in an election setting, when in reality board and committee members are regularly voting on a wide variety of topics and issues. And more often than not this voting takes place in real-time, with members bringing up motions on the fly. Many organizations utilize polling solutions that are built-in to their web conferencing applications to facilitate this voting, without being aware of the numerous areas where these platforms are lacking.

Virtual Board Meeting

This is where DirectVoteLive comes in! Our team built DirectVoteLive to help your organization bridge the gap of voting in any kind of committee or board meeting, whether it be fully virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of the two.

You are able to easily run your virtual board meetings as you normally would, with the ability to quickly upload your members as voters, create motions in real-time, and have instantaneous results that are official and auditable. Our platform can be used for a myriad of different votes and motions, ranging from electing officers or board members, to ratifying bylaws, and everything in-between.

Easing the Transition to Virtual Board Meetings

Organizations all across the world have used DirectVoteLive to conduct meeting voting since its release. One in particular is the Minnesota Association of Nurses (MNA), who was one of our first clients to use the platform back in early 2021. MNA, along with most everyone around the world was struggling to conduct virtual board meetings in light of the onset of the pandemic.

They began to have their meetings via Zoom, which to their surprise spurred an increase in member attendance and participation. While this was a welcomed bi-product of meeting virtually, they were still struggling with the voting component of their meetings. They needed a solution that enabled only authorized members to cast votes, add voting items in real-time, and had the capability to efficiently tabulate and report voting results.

As a long-time partner of SBS, they were eager to participate in the early-stage beta of DirectVoteLive, and were incremental to the platforms growth and development. Fast forward to today, and they still utilize DirectVoteLive at their Board meeting’s every month. When asked about how the process of introducing DirectVoteLive has been; Samantha Riazi, Director of Operations for MNA said, “Since we introduced DirectVoteLive, our meetings are operating more efficiently and securely. The ROI has been really strong so far.” You can read more about their story here.

Is it time to make the switch to virtual voting?

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For Board meetings, and so much more

While DirectVoteLive is perfect for virtual board meetings, its utility does not stop there. It can be utilized within really any kind of group or committee you may have within your organization! Whether it’s a finance committee, your nominations board, or an executive search group, DirectVoteLive is the ideal companion to facilitate easy and secure voting. 

Taking a deeper look at how DirectVoteLive can be used within your various committees and voting groups, the possibilities are endless! Groups who are regularly voting within your organization such as your Board of Directors, or your membership committee can benefit from the ability to easily copy over voters and motions from previous meetings, so you can set up new meetings in a flash. Your elections and nominations committees will love that they can easily upload documents such as candidate biographies directly into the platform, as well as the ability to conduct fast-paced runoff votes with our copy motion feature!

Not only does it make the process of voting easy, but in turn also lets your employees and members know that voting and governance is important to your organization. Knowing this is incredibly important to the health of your organization. When your members know that having their voices heard is a priority, they will be more willing to speak up about topics that are important to them, and can lead to more members seeking leadership positions through a nominations process.

Now how can you easily manage nominations when they arise during a meeting? You guessed it, DirectVoteLive! With our integrated chat feature, your members are able to directly message the meeting administrator in the event that a call for nominations is brought up either by a chair member, or from the floor. Members who are seeking to participate in a nominations process can come from any area of your organization! Whether it’s an existing committee member seeking to further their leadership, or a new member who is wanting to facilitate organizational change.

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