10 Proven Ways to Promote Your Credit Union Election

Increasing Election Visibility

One of the top reasons credit unions reach out to us is to improve participation. Why? Getting significant response gives leaders the confidence to confirm the vote coming from members. But what are the best ways to ensure high participation?

Proven Ways to Increase Election Awareness

To help credit unions achieve the highest voter response rates possible and get maximum return on election investment, we created 10 Proven Ways to Promote Your Credit Union Election. In this new eBook, we explore effective tactics, strategies and communication planning for credit union elections. Just as there are successful ways for advertising reduced loan rates or new credit card offers, there are effective ways for promoting credit union voting events.

Download the guide to learn:

  • How contested elections affect participation
  • Open and transparent governance tips to encourage response
  • Proven election communication and promotion plans
  • In-branch and reminder tactics
  • How new technology can increase voting convenience