8 Tips for Successful Campaigning

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What’s Your Campaigning Policy?

Campaigning is a highly debated topic among member organizations. Its ability to increase voter participation can be a giant plus for many associations. However, there are drawbacks if proper precautions are not put into place.

A Best Practice Guide to Electioneering & Campaigning

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not campaigning is right for your organization, download our newest eBook 8 Tips for Successful Campaigning to discover the benefits, challenges and best practices to consider when contemplating adding campaigning to your voting process.

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  • Benefits and responsibilities to be aware of when allowing campaigning
  • 8 tips for setting up a successful campaigning policy
  • How to develop qualified candidates
  • Campaigning/electioneering best practices
  • How one association used campaigning to improve its election process