How to Bring Your Election into the 21st Century eBook

21st Century Elections

Member organizations have been around for hundreds of years, and elections have always played an integral role to their operations. Many members today, however, are not voting in these elections and one of the main reasons is that the voting processes for many organizations lack the 21st century conveniences that voters expect. So how can your organization be sure it is reaching all of your members?

Maximizing Member Voting Across All Generations

When membership spans several generations, it can be a challenge to reach them all via one channel. Luckily, with 21st century technology you no longer have to. To help organizations find the best combination of election solutions for their diverse memberships, we created How to Bring Your Election into the 21st Century.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How communications and voting trends differ across generations
  • How to engage all your members to cast ballots in ways convenient to them
  • What technology you should consider for an effective, affordable election
  • Effective messaging to use to encourage your diverse membership to vote