Analytics have become an organizational must-have in recent years, and for good reason. Data analysis lets you understand the “why” – and not just the “what” – of any given situation.

With Survey & Ballot Systems’ (SBS) advanced analytics, you can measure and track electronic voting responses, gaining valuable insight into not only who voted, but how and why. Similar to the U.S. Census Bureau, which obtains voting data to identify voter characteristics and discover what the American people truly care about, your organization can dive deep into advanced reports that spell out what’s on the mind of your members.

While it’s easy to measure electronic voting app responses, it’s much more valuable to understand the meaning behind it. This not only helps organizations improve themselves but also make strategic, data-driven decisions to ensure future elections function in the most efficient, effective manner possible.


Easy to use You don’t need to be a scientist to analyze electronic voting app responses. With SBS, anyone can enjoy the benefits of advanced analytics. SBS makes it easy for organizations to draw quick, meaningful insights from voter behavior through a convenient, intuitive platform.

SBS also prides itself on comprehensive technical support, meaning you can reach experts for one-on-one assistance by phone, email or web chat.

Secure results The goal of SBS is to guarantee a positive voting experience for every election, every time. We know a large part of this is ensuring the security of elections and the results.

Organizations utilizing SBS services can depend on 24/7 monitoring and response, reliable software, ongoing vulnerability assessments and many more advanced security measures to support data protection.

Multiple analytics options Advanced analytics take you well beyond counting digital ballots. Organizations will have the ability to:

  • Visualize geographic voting hotspots through IP address listings.
  • Identify the popularity of specific voter participation methods.
  • Classify which operating systems, browsers and devices voters prefer most.

You can also track other participation methods, including Quick Response (QR) codes, phone voting, social sharing and much more.

By seeing exactly how members engage with elections, you can make it far simpler to ensure seamless elections and high voter turnout in the future.

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