Member participation is the number one challenge facing associations and member organizations when executing their elections. Election participation is the “measuring stick” by which to judge how connected members are to your organization. When election participation increases, it proves the validity of the election, it shows improvements are being made and can be used to judge return on investment.

SBS has long been providing the tools and resources for highly successful elections. We work with the world’s top associations, cooperatives and member-based organizations to plan and manage voting needs. When it comes to increasing election participation, we know how to get your numbers moving in the right direction.

We can help guide and inspire organizations to utilize new and creative methods to increase member participation in their elections.


Email List Verification

Looking to ensure you still have the correct email addresses for your members? Email list verification enables you to determine which members you aren’t currently reaching via email so you can develop strategies to bring them back into the loop.

Email Collection

In order to reach your members for promoting elections, you must have contact information. If you are missing email addresses from some of your members, using their ballot as a method to get up-to-date email information can be invaluable.

Voter Surveys

Learn what works and what doesn’t with member voting. No two organizations are alike, and gathering information about outreach and voting methods can help your organization have the most effective election possible.


Website Banners

Promote your election through banners right on your website’s home page. These graphic banners can be clicked and redirect members to the election login page.

Election Landing Pages

A dedicated webpage for your election information can help members feel more comfortable and informed about candidates, voting locations and dates. Having one centralized location for this content simplifies connecting your members with answers to their election questions.

Video Creation

Looking for an additional get-out-the-vote push? A video ad that is targeted toward eligible voting members can raise awareness of the election and encourage voter turnout.


Social Media Campaign Management

Promoting your election information over social media platforms can be an effective way to increase voting turnout. Social media ads can be tailored to reach your members right where many spend a significant amount of time each day.

Email Promotions

Emailing members can provide them with actionable steps to complete their ballot – a URL link to the voting page, election dates and times, and content on the importance of voting can all turn more members into voters.

GOTV Messaging and Awareness Campaigns

Having consistent get-out-the-vote material to promote across all available platforms can provide a unified message to members on how vital the election process is. Raising awareness and making members care about voting are the two biggest steps in increasing participation, so a solid overarching strategy is extremely beneficial.

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