What Is GeoSpatial Mapping?

Analytics have undeniable value, but being able to easily visualize the information presented is just as important. With Survey & Ballot Systems’ (SBS) geo-spatial electronic voter response mapping, organizations can easily access a visual representation of member and voting data.

Geo-spatial analysis through electronic voter response mapping visualization takes the power of advanced analytics and applies it to geographic locations. This type of analysis is typically utilized by geologists, public safety officials, defense professionals and data scientists from various other industries. Now, member organizations can leverage the same type of tool to quickly conceptualize data and actually see what regions require their attention.

The days of deciphering long, confusing spreadsheets are over. Now, organizations can easily see the big picture with member engagement and voting patterns.


Effortlessly breaks down data With just one click, electronic voter response mapping lets organizations drill down into member voting data, allowing for analysis on the state, county, city, zip code, street and/or coordinate level. With the ability to analyze specific voter locations, organizations can capture data at the tactical level.

By making it easy to see who voted and where, geo-spatial mapping provides member organizations with actionable information they can use to make future decisions.

Helps identify trends Through data visualization, organizations can quickly identify trends on both large-scale and local levels. By identifying areas where members either voted in high numbers or didn’t vote at all, organizations can take necessary steps to increase voter turnout and ultimately strengthen organizational practices and member outlook.

Enhanced organizational effectiveness Every election acts as a chance to better understand the hearts and minds of voters. With visual data to work with, organizations can gain deeper insight into the current thoughts and feelings of members, providing an opportunity to reassess strategies and make decisions that align with voter wishes. This makes for not only a more efficient organization, but a more effective one.

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