Voter turnout, or lack thereof, is an important issue for all elections. Low voter turnout can be especially damaging for member organizations, since these institutions require full participation to operate most effectively and in line with member wishes.

This is the reason Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) can incorporate participation reminders into its services, utilizing everything from emails and postcards to special letters intended to maximize turnout in organizational elections.

Data from around the world shows election reminders can increase voter turnout and increase voting response rate with email reminders. In fact, the greater the number of reminders, the more likely it is members will vote. Each round of participation reminders historically increases voter turnout an average of approximately 5%. Organizations hoping to maximize voter response have a clear solution.


Tailored reminders SBS provides numerous options for voting user participation reminders, including email, postcards, letters and more. By using a variety of reminder methods, organizations have a better chance of obtaining positive results.

Regular updates There’s no point sending out participation reminders if they’re not reaching their intended recipients. Organizations will receive bounce reports that alert them to any unavailable email addresses, making for more effective outreach.

Strategic options Every member organization is different, so it’s essential to work with a service that’s able to adapt to strategic outreach efforts on short notice.

Scheduling and deployment methods are also vital to participation maximization, as individuals are shown to respond to messages at a higher rate during specific time periods. It’s also essential to understand which type of message should be used when.

SBS offers flexible tactics to boost voter turnout that can be updated quickly, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness every step of the way.

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