Every day brings us closer to a fully digital world. Previously paper-based businesses now conduct lucrative deals dependent on data shared between computing devices. That said, some paper documentation is still essential to organizational operations. Case in point: optical scanning services for paper ballots.

No matter the project, organizations require scanning accuracy and efficiency that will not only produce high-quality results, but do so on budget. Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) provides production-level scanning that ensures an organized, error-free process.


Data collection Through the use of SBS scanning, you can take advantage of data analysis, data and document archive services and Optical Mark Read (OMR) data collection and image scanning.

We may live in a big data world, but organizations still run on people power. OMR technology makes it easy to read and understand human-marked data on documents.

OMR data collection is ideal for test scanning, among other uses.

SBS also offers onsite OMR and imaging data collection to suit organizational needs.

Form processing SBS provides scannable forms printing and forms processing services, making it easy for organizations to achieve their goals in an effective, efficient manner.

Printing services From laser printing to personalization, SBS’ printing offerings provide the service you need when it counts.

Audited results Quality products and services should be standard in today’s business world. That’s why SBS offers audited and verifiable scanning processes that focus on superb results.

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