It’s often said that time is money. However, in today’s digital world, it’s data that’s worth its weight in gold. Demographic data analysis of survey results provides invaluable insight into demographics, helping organizations steer their strategies in the most productive direction possible. SBS offers demographic data analysis for ballots, votes, and surveys, ensuring that no matter what service you use, you can get accurate data that brings insights to your project.

Survey & Ballot Systems’ (SBS) segmentation and census services allow organizations to capture updated data specific to client requirements, allowing for more accurate, effective databases. SBS can administer your census and provide member and customer segmentation, offering organizations an accurate and updated picture of target audiences and their habits. Through the use of various deployment methods, SBS can help your organization maximize response rates.


Project consultation SBS is happy to consult on demographic survey results segmentation and census projects, helping organizations take steps to effectively reach their goals. Whether your organization is running a survey or a ballot, we can consult on your project to make sure you’re getting the best information possible.

Online surveys As with online voting, online surveys are an ideal way to help individuals save time through easy-to-use technology. Organizations acquire the information they need through comprehensive online surveys crafted with specific objectives in mind.

Print-based services SBS assists with everything from questionnaire design and scanning to printing and mailing services. While online capabilities are available, sometimes using tried and true methods is the best way to maximize participation and capture updated data.

Data analysis Collecting data is only half the battle. In order to best leverage census results, organizations must use data analysis to properly segment and update information.In addition to data analysis services, SBS also offers IT support for easy information upload.

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