Social media has moved beyond buzzwords to become extremely influential in everything from marketing to communications. What was once the domain of a younger, more tech-savvy generation has crossed demographic boundaries and are now commonly used by most Internet users.

Data shows a vast majority of Americans have social media profiles, with the number growing significantly each year. Meanwhile, the number of Facebook and Twitter users worldwide is in the billions. Companies are learning that you can increase voter participation with social media sharing services.

With Survey & Ballot Systems’ (SBS) social media sharing for DirectVote® and DirectVotePlus®, you can maximize election promotion and awareness by taking advantage of a free and powerful marketing platform.


Encourages increased engagement The world of social media is varied, with multiple platforms appealing to different demographics. SBS can also help you increase survey participation with social media sharing services to connect with members through multiple platforms, engaging voters where they’re most likely to be found using the medium they prefer, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or many others.

Adds to DirectVote and DirectVotePlus benefits Social media sharing is one of many advantages that can be added to DirectVote and DirectVotePlus. Organizations can also utilize customized online election plans, dedicated SBS client support, detailed reporting and demographic information, and the highest level of security featuring TLS-encrypted online voting transactions.

Supports election analysis Analytics enable organizations to dive deep into how and why voters made certain choices. This provides invaluable insight organizations can use to steer future strategies, including further election processes.

SBS offers special reporting on who shared information regarding the election via social networks, helping organizations pinpoint member engagement, as well as preferred social media platforms.

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