Member organizations must diversify methods of voter engagement, from emails to social media sharing. They would also be wise to incorporate video streaming services into their strategies.

Data from Brightcove shows social video is 1200% more effective than both text and images combined for generating shares. Meanwhile, companies that employ video enjoy more than 40% more web traffic than those that don’t, according to a study by Aberdeen. In short, you can really increase voter participation with video streaming services associated with your candidates’ biographies. Survey & Ballot Systems’ (SBS) full-service video streaming capabilities provide members the chance to see and hear straight from candidates as they present their platforms during the election process.


Engages members Images have always been more impactful than words in conveying messages quickly and easily. Videos are ideal for achieving maximum impact with minimum time investment. People lead busy lives, making it more important than ever to provide quick, convenient ways for voters to learn about candidates and issues.

With YouTube alone reporting one billion active monthly users, it’s clear video is a strategic way to reach large audiences.

Promotes ease of use For those unfamiliar with the use of video streaming, incorporating these assets into election processes may seem difficult. However, videos are easy to add to projects and even easier for members to use.

Any voter who’s ever clicked play on an online video will feel right at home.

Features comprehensive support Organizations can count on experienced, fully trained professionals to assist with video streaming services. This not only includes hosting and uploading of videos, but expert consultation on candidate video best practices.

Includes editing and approval services Member organizations should be able to ensure videos meet their standards and requirements. With SBS video streaming, editing and approval services come standard.

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