How do you know if a course or program was successful? Most likely, you conduct a survey of the students, trainees and/or members who participated in it. Anyone who has taken an educational class may have completed one of these, which often include ratings scales as well as free response questions about what he or she liked and disliked about the course.

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) gives you the course evaluation management system you need to improve your collection and analysis of member feedback. At last, you will be able to answer important questions and use the findings to chart a superior path forward.

Course Evaluations

Content evaluation SBS tools help you understand how useful course content is to your members. Add, subtract or revise specific content with confidence based on survey responses. With SBS services, you can increase response rates from survey-takers to get a more accurate sense of their positions.

Quick and actionable feedback Course evaluation online management systems are most beneficial to organizations when they provide immediately useful insights. With SBS solutions, you can ensure you know right away what is going on as your courses, students and members change.

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