Often, organizations find the best solution for their voting needs is a hybrid election. This means that a combination of two or more voting methods are available for members to use. A multi-channel voting platform increases participation and is convenient for ALL members.

Hybrid voting is the premier third-party election service for organizations seeking the best election experience possible. Developed for organizations seeking to give their members every chance to participate, hybrid elections can include any of the top election methods available, including: web, phone, paper, on-site, and hybrid voting processes. This combination of voting technologies is completely customized based on each organization’s exact election specifications, ideas, and requests.

Our hybrid voting applications have many benefits, including:

  • Promoting participation. Each organization’s member experience is examined to see what can be done to enhance response.
  • Complete security. Online voting transactions encrypted with TLS up to 256-bit – the highest level of protection. Paper votes follow a strict chain of custody to ensure safekeeping.
  • Precise tabulation. Paper ballots are processed and audited prior to advancing to the reporting stage where data is combined with web or other voting data.
  • Detailed reporting. Information that provides a close look at members who voted, when they voted, their geographic location, and demographic characteristics. This data gives organizations a snapshot of their membership, providing them with the knowledge for future engagement strategies.
  • Support team. A Client Service Representative serves as a dedicated point of contact for the entire length of the election project. Members can call, email, or web chat to receive assistance.

Hybrid voting is supported by:


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