Utilizing mailed ballots is a time-tested, streamlined process that can make voting in private elections easier and increase participation greatly. Mail voting allows your members to have a voice from the comfort and convenience of their own home. Long-time voters are often most comfortable with a paper voting option, so mailed ballots are a good way to ensure you are reaching all demographics of your members without disenfranchising any due to a lack of Internet access or an email account. Survey & Ballot Systems provides the most reliable paper ballot management services for your elections and surveys.

How does paper balloting work?

All paper voting materials are subjected to numerous rounds of language proofing. Test batches (mock elections) are manually conducted to ensure proper ballot functionality.

Ballot packages are sent to all eligible members who then complete the materials as directed and return their completed ballots by mail. Once materials have been received by Survey & Ballot Systems, ballots are scanned and verified to ensure they meet the specified election criteria. All ballots are checked for unusual marks or paper damage. Ballots are then audited a final time before the data advances to the reporting stage.

Throughout this procedure, paper ballots are secured to ensure a chain of custody. The result is an auditable process with guaranteed and certified results.

It’s crucial that the entire flow of data is tested and proven accurate. Any paper ballot voting administration services should be able to demonstrate their accuracy rates before, during and after the counting is done.

SBS employs staff solely dedicated to measuring and improving the accuracy of our voting processes. It’s important to always inquire about a vendor’s quality assurance staff and ask how you can reach them during the election process.

Mail voting is supported by:


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